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What is a backlink Checker?

A backlink checker is a program that queries the links that connect one website to another, often links that originate from a reference website to another receiving one.  The best backlink checker can only be summarized as one that brings maximum search engine benefits to the website or web resource that is being linked to. This benefit is sometimes referred to as “link juice”.

What are backlinks?

A backlink (also referred as incoming link, citation, inbound link and inward link) uses 2 fragments to work: the website that refers, and the website that is being referred. 

To start off, SEO is used for the optimization of a business webpage or website in search engine results, thereby increasing the traffic and attracting more potential clients. One of the most important factors that affect a website’s regular traffic count, and is usually checked by SEO tools, is backlinks.

 The results of the quantity, quality and relevance of a website’s backlink are some of the points that search engines evaluate to distinguish actual order of significance of the site; these affects the position of the websites in search results.

When working on this factor, one is advised not to get too caught up with the quantity of backlinks as search engines like Google provide more details on inbound links that score higher in terms of quality.

Backlink Checking Services

Due to the great demand for backlink checkers by online business owners, a bunch of websites that offer SEO services have popped up to answer backlink checking needs. Some services are free while others are paid. The number of service providers has grown and it’s pretty hard to decide which one to use especially because a lot of these services are expensive. The best services are usually the paid ones. Nevertheless a lot of the free services still get the job done.

We decided to review these services and to present our top picks for backlink checking services. They were evaluated using the following criteria: Accuracy, Cost of service, Ease of use and General SEO support (or other SEO services they offer aside from backlink checking).

1. Semrush

Semrush is generally known for its multiple featured services for SEO, which are greatly used by SEO professionals. In May 2016, the site added backlink checking service its users. Semrush is constantly adding features to its services, and most of them are free for a period of time before the user is expected to sign up for premium services.


To start with, there are no data that is publicly available regarding the size of their link index; however, Semrush uses a broad database that makes sure that the results for your website’s backlink status are accurate. When supplying you with the results, you’re given an overview of domain data such as TLD authority and TLD distribution.

Cost of Service:

Before anything else, keep in mind that using Semrush doesn’t come free. It costs $199; it’s pretty expensive but the number of additional features you can use makes it worth it. If you’re quite unsure, you can start a free trial for the services.

Ease of Use:

Semrush has simple mechanics as you just have to go to their page for backlink checking services and put your domain on the space given. The results will provide you all the statistics you need to know. You can also compare your own domain backlink to competitors so you’ll know where to focus your improvements.

General SEO Support:

As what have been mentioned, Semrush is famous for multiple SEO service offers. Aside from their backlink checking services, they also offer analytics reports, advertising research, advertising research, and keywords research reports.

2. Majestic SEO

Next on the list is Majestic SEO; known as one of the longest running SEO tool service providers, having started in 2004. Although the site has a lot to offer in terms of SEO tool services, Majestic SEO specializes in working on backlink checking.
They’re also the ones who first started using the terms “trust flow” and “citation flow” under the SEO lingo.


Majestic SEO uses a number of tools to give you the most accurate results from their backlink checker. They don’t use any third party data for their service as their checker “crawls” the web to search for backlinks that refer to your webpage.

Cost of Service:

Majestic SEO is generally free, if you’re only up for their tool checking services. It comes with a price if you want more in depth data analysis and additional information. Monthly subscriptions range from $49 to $399.

Ease of Use:

Using the backlinkchecking services of Majestic SEO is simple; the results overview, however, may be very confusing for some, especially for new users. On a brighter note, you just have to provide them with your domain and they will give you complete data for the number of backlinks that points to your site.

General SEO Support:

Aside from their services for backlinks, they also offer other SEO services like domain comparison, keyword checker, and custom reports.

3. Ahrefs

AHrefs is one of the highly recommended service providers for backlink checking. The concept of their backlink checker is almost similar as the Majestic SEO’s; however, theirs tends to be bigger, giving better results. They hold the largest link index among Majestic SEO and SEMRUSH, having crawled about 2.13 trillion external backlinks.


As what have been previously mentioned, AHrefs uses a crawling setup that’s bigger than any other tool that other service provider uses. Considering this, AHrefs provides more accurate data as results from their massive backlink analyses.

Cost of Service:

For starters, you can register for a free account that guarantees you a complete backlink analysis and an anchor text analysis for your webpage. Paid accounts may enjoy in-depth data analysis and progress tracking for your reports. Subscriptions to AHrefs start at $99 with the “Lite” plan, but reaches $999 for the “Agency” plan.

Ease of Use:

You can easily check for the backlinks that refer to your webpage through AHrefs’ wide overview results. One of the good things with using their service is that you get detailed results; the links are broken down into different variables like types, with all the visualization and graphed information that you need.

General SEO Support:

Aside from their massive backlink checker, AHrefs also provides other SEO services including keyword research, on-page optimization, organic traffic analysis and position tracking. It’s known as an all-around SEO tool service provider.


Our top recommendation among the three given backlink checking service providers is Semrush. The site has been famous for its huge efforts in providing the most accurate results for backlink analyses.

Semrush uses huge website crawlers to collect link data, and this helps paint clearer pictures of what is going on behind the scenes.  The overview results are displayed in great detail; they make a breakdown of all the gathered links and other additional data, presenting them with visualization and graph options to prove accuracy. In addition the website provides SEM utilities as well.

The only downside (not really) of the site is the cost of their service subscriptions per month. However, if you really look at it, you’d see that the price is totally worth it, with all their given services, including data tracking for your site from time to time, and additional services.

If you’re looking for the best backlink checker, we highly recommend Semrush.