How to create backlinks manually

How to create backlinks manually

Why should you learn how to create backlinks manually?

Every website owner is supposed to learn how to create backlinks manually at some stage in the development of a niche website.  This is because the owner will find out, one way or another, about the wonders quality backlinks can do in boosting the SEO of their website or blog.

In other words, if you want to see an improvement of your site’s rank on search engines, all you need to do other than creating epic content, and adequately optimizing the website pages (on-site optimization) for search engines, is to generate quality backlinks on high-ranking sites, also known as authority websites or blogs. However, it is advisable to have a rational basis for such links, or better yet to earn the backlinks. The backlinks need to lead readers to relevant posts in your website.

There are numerous ways you can create these backlinks. However, it is essential to understand how to do it manually. Experts argue that it is better to create backlinks manually because it tends to be more effective than automatic backlinking in bringing relevant traffic to your site.

The chief reason for that efficiency is that the SEO professional retains control of the linking process, thereby making sure to place links in relevant authority websites.The professional or owner also makes sure to sidestep bad sites that would not benefit the niche site, but may even hurt it.

There are many “authority websites” online, but each is only relevant to its own niche. It would be useless, for example, for a fashion niche authority website to offer “link juice” to a building construction website. In this article, we will discuss how to create backlinks manually.

Create backlinks using Facebook posts

Every business can use the features provided by social media giant to increase online presence and promote its brand. One way to do this is by creating a Facebook account and then using it to create or join Facebook groups and pages.

Once you have access to relevant groups and pages where you have the authority to place posts, you can engage with your followers by making and sharing posts with them. Good practice involves giving a summary or introduction of your topic in the post and then referring to your site for comprehensive information.

Besides, you can include your website link on all your facebook pages’ information section.

Add backlinks using your twitter pages

You can also create backlinks to your twitter account using the website field option. All you need to do is log into your twitter account and then go to your profile by clicking on your twitter name, or profile picture or handle.

Your handle starts with the “@” sign. You can then click on the edit profile button. While in the “edit profile” page, you can include your website link in the Website field as provided by Twitter. You can also add another link to your site in the Description field and then save; these two links don’t have to be similar.

Besides, you can include backlinks in the tweets you make before publishing them. In case you have long links, you can shorten them before including them in the tweet. Use website or any other URL shortening website to make your links short.

Create YouTube channel and use it to create backlinks

Most people ignore YouTube when creating backlinks to their website because they don’t have video content of their own to share on their channel. However, not everyone that has a YouTube channel makes videos of their own.

Therefore, you can use your YouTube channel to share other like-minded people or organizations’ video content. You can also create a small slideshow using presentation applications and convert it into a video, and then share it through your channel. In the process of creating a presentation, you can include a few relevant links to your website on the slide, maybe as part of the content or at the end of the slideshow.

Also, don’t forget to customize your YouTube channel to include your website links in the information section. You can do this by going to the Advanced Channel Settings by logging into your account then –> Creator Studio –> Channel –> Advanced. Once you get to the advanced option, fill your website link in the Associated website field. The backlinking status update shall become Pending for unverified sites.

Therefore, to use this option, ensure you verify your YouTube channel with your site.

Create content on Wiki websites and provide references to your site admits authors that can provide quality content on their platform. To create a backlink on, you need to sign up as a content creator and start creating quality content for their audience.

For any content you create, you can provide links to your website as a reference. While working with Wikihow, your creativity will help you to cite or reference your site content strategically if you are to get quality backlinks.

Answer questions in

Just like other online forums, Quora is another excellent place to share your site links. First, you can choose to include links when setting up your profile.

Secondly, In, once you sign up as a member, you can ask a question and also answer the questions other members ask. Therefore, if you happen to answer a question, you are at liberty to include backlinks in the answers you provide.

With continued engagement, you’ll build a large following, and your audience will trust you as an expert in your area of specialization. They’ll then start to flock your site for expert information.


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