About us

This site (Backlinkchecking.com) is an information resource that focuses on the backlinking side of SEO. We believe that a sound SEO strategy should start at the very beginning -even before a domain name is selected for a website.

In our opinion, backlinks are the primary communication infrastructure for an online business.

A web based business without a good backlink strategy is like an office or a business park without electricity, telephone, fax and Internet lines.

These lines of infrastructure are normally installed somewhat at very early stages of building construction,  usually well before plastering and finishes. The more forethought the strategy, the easier and more successful the implementation. Not planning properly can lead to critical failures that might even lead to dismantling of prior works.

The utility lines of buildings are normally planned to envisage future increases in loads. Similarly, a good backlinking strategy should be drawn up to be scalable and to deliver long term gains to the benefiting website.

We intend to regularly share useful and current information about backlinking  as soon as we get them.

Thanks for being here, and please come back regularly to check for updates and newer publications.